No matter awesome the features of your new mobile phone are, without a proper network service the phone is totally useless. So, in the end, it is reasonable to invest more on a mobile device with night network specifications than a structural composition.

For those that have been using a browseable mobile phone since its inception. You will be very familiar with the GPRS and EDGE network which is represented by the letter G and E at the top of right corner of your mobile devices. This represents the network browsing speed.  After that came the 3G network which is a short form for the third generation.  3G happens to be the longest lasting phase in the line of all mobile browsing network frequency speed.  It ran for up to 10 years before 4G network came along.  Mobile devices are still being made to still run the 3G network up till recently.  The numbers of mobile devices running the 3G network surpass those running other types of network altogether.  But in most cases one your mobile device can run a 3G network it should be able to function in the area without any 3G network reception.

The introduction of the 3G network has made it quite possible for things that are normally not viewable such as HTML, pictures, video streaming etc that are normally not possible on a normal 2G network possible. This has made it quite possible for people to experience another level of satisfaction and fun. This further increase the appetite for data consumption and the need for a better network needed.  To this effect, 4G was introduced.

The 4G LTE network which represents fourth-generation long-term evolution came into existence in 2009 and it has undergone various evolution to become what we now know and a have come to enjoy a lot.

The network has a minimum threshold of at least 100mbps100mbps and any network not passing that threshold does not qualify as a 4G network.

As of that time, this threshold was way beyond and above anything that is practically possible. In other to meet this threshold, advancement was being made by technology organization and network provider to improve the 3G network. This improvement was further named LTE which stands for long-term evolution.  This is to show that the network is higher than the standard set for 3G but its nowhere near what the requirements for a 4G network are.

The major advantage of a 4G network is that you get to experience browsing speed that is about 10 times faster than what you will normally get with a 3G network.  This means you will be able to make use of the application that requires the strong data connection, for example, Skype calling or any other video streaming or calling apps.

It should also be noted in most cases network provide tends to step down their service when calls or text messages are being sent over the network.  This is basically because the phone calls are being made over switchboards and to make calls over the LTE is similar to calls made over application like Skype or Viber. This means your data need to be on while making a phone call which means tracking calls rate will be more difficult for the network provider.

4G network still has a lot of development to undergo and as the future unfolds this development is going to come into place

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